Weight Capacity of Ratchet Straps and Tie Downs​

Whichever you need cargo management, ATV, trailer tie downs, and motorcycle straps, or just straps for the river rafting, we, Inspectorate Asia, have the perfect solution to your metal cam strap needs. The most common use for cam straps is a strap that is used to tie down or secure heavy loads, usually on trailers or in the bed of trucks. Normally, a strap is only as strong as its weakest link. A safe working load is being taken to breaking strength.


Ratchet straps

In some cases, a ratchet strap would be a better choice. Ratchet straps are obtainable in so many sizes and styles.


1" Ratchet Straps: These straps are available with J-hooks, S-hooks, and D-rings, flat snap hooks, spring action buckle straps, and more. The strap is wrapped around an object and fed back into the buckle or ratchet to secure as an endless cam buckle strap makes a great perimeter strap. 1” straps are industrial grade for heavy-duty use.


2" Ratchet Straps: They are used with E-track for flatbed trucks and trailers and also for hauling vehicles. 2" ratchet straps come with wire hooks, flat hooks, snap hooks, chain extensions, and many other fittings. These E-Track ratchet straps have a working load limit of 1,466 lbs. Other 2-inch ratchet straps are including 90% of our automotive ratchet straps with a working load limit of 3,333 lbs.


3" Ratchet Straps: These straps work great for securing salt spreaders, hay, heavy machinery, and more. The working load limit is 5,400 lbs, whether you choose flat hooks, wire hooks, chain ends, or grab hooks.


4" Ratchet Straps: They are used to secure large items and equipment as they are a great alternative to heavy chain and are safer too. These 4" ratchet straps can provide break strengths of 15,000 pounds and over, and are also available with chain extensions. There are also some 4-inch ratchet straps with working load limit of 5,400 lbs. With wire hooks, it can have a higher capacity, up to 6,666 lbs.


Tie-down straps

When you consider the weight capacity when choosing tie-down straps to get the right straps, you should know the weight of your cargo and the total number of straps that you will use to tie it down.


It has the safe working load limit (WLL) when the weight capacity of a tie-down strap is designated. It can measure the maximum weight the strap can safely handle. When safely secure a load, the combined WLL of the straps used has to be greater than the weight of the secured cargo. As an instance, if your cargo weighs 1,000 lbs and you use 2 straps to tie it down, each strap should have a WLL of 500 lbs or greater. So, it is recommended that you should always use straps in pairs.


Also, straps are rated by their maximum load that is the amount of weight which will cause the strap to fail. And, the break strength is usually 3 times of the WLL.










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