-Breaking strength/Working Load Limit. These straps have a guaranteed break strength of various rated capacity, with a working load limit.

-Grip Design/Ease of Use

-Length and Width of Strap.


Strap size is related to strength, but is also a factor related to the size of the load. A 12 foot strap won’t secure a 14 foot load. A one-inch wide strap might offer plenty of security but could be rough on a more delicate load, wearing a groove or otherwise compressing where you regret it. Make sure the size of your strap meets your needs.


Each ratchet-based tie-down strap should have a breaking strength rating, and the working load limit is about 1/3 of breaking strength. A strap that breaks at 1000 pounds is able to safely hold a 300 pound load. Match your load security needs with the strap rating, and use the working load limit as your guideline.


Two common types of tie down strap

Two common types of tie-down straps are loop straps and two-piece straps. Loop straps, like their name implies, are a single piece of webbing that is looped around your item to be protected and the two endpoints are brought together at the tie-down fastener for fastening and providing tension.


We are the best place to buy tie down straps for your flatbed trailer, cargo van, and truck bed. Whether you are hauling extremely large and heavy cargo or something more light and delicate, we have several types of straps and tie downs available for a variety of cargo securement applications. Our ratchet straps are built to last and are available in 1", 2", 3", and 4" widths. Pay close attention to working load limit and break strength when deciding how big of a strap you need. For the strongest break strength available on the market. Winch straps are often threaded through a fixed winch to create an extra firm and lasting hold on your flatbed trailer cargo, while cam straps are a simpler and more portable tie down that are easily applied by simply pulling the loose strap end until it is tight. If you are a DIYer we sell individual pieces of tie down hardware and strap material so you can create your very own tie down straps.


Custom Tie Downs

We are experts at crafting custom ratchet straps and take pride in our ability to deliver long-lasting ratchet straps to customer all over the world. Everything from the color of the polyester cargo webbing to the style of hardware buckle and end fitting hooks can be fully-customized to your exact specifications. As a proud member of the Webbing sling & Tie down Association, you can trust that every strap that leaves our main manufacturing facility is constructed with careful attention to detail and meets or exceeds compliance of all industry standards.


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How do you choose tie down strap to fit your needs​

​Here are three things to look for when choosing a ratchet tie-down strap for your needs.


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